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Two Guys Who Golf is a family run operation dedicated to the promotion of golf without all of the banners, advertising, popups and other features usually found on golf websites.


We had our humble beginnings in July of 1999 when we began www.twoguyswhogolf.com with tours and information about golf courses in Ontario (Canada) and in Michigan.  It is fun to think back to our first web page - where Mark and Dave (Sparky & Tigger) took front stage, and our reviews included only photos of the golf pros or course managers with the Two Guys. Of course, back then the digital world was just being developed as were film scanners, and photo quality on the internet back then was sketchy at best.  Our first digital camera was Apple's Quick Take 100 - it was huge and took really grainy photos (and cost a fortune!).


In 1999 the internet itself was somewhat of a new entity - and most golf courses did not realize the great marketing tool that it would become. We were fortunate that many courses found our enthusiasm for cyberspace appealing and joined our effort to promote golf on the internet.


Since that time, we have greatly expanded our horizons. We now promote golf not only in Ontario and in Michigan, but also in Arizona, California, Utah, Illinois (Chicagoland Golf), Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Atlantic City, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Nevada and in the Caribbean. We provide detailed information for each course as well as beautiful pictorial reviews, directions and maps. Our site, after over 20 years, is one of the top rated web sites in the world for design, content and maneuverability.


 We are happy to be able to provide our readers and our courses with as much information as possible in a clean and desirable environment. We continue to resist placing banner ads and pop ups on our site for extra revenue. Our passion, as it was in the beginning, is to maintain a clean site that is primarily geared toward golf course information and promotion.

Mark Honey - U.S. Editor & Marketing agent

E-Mail: mark@twoguyswhogolf.com

Phone: 313-526-5517

Diana Shulist - Webmaster/Canadian Editor

E-Mail: diana@twoguyswhogolf.com

Phone: 613-756-1743

Corporate Address: 
2361 Wilno N. Rd.Wilno, Ontario K0J 2N0

Sage Honey - Writer & Photographer U.S. & Canada


E-Mail: sage@twoguyswhogolf.com

David Shulist - One of the original "Two Guys" - now retired from his work on the web site - with intermittent comebacks!

E-Mail: tigger@twoguyswhogolf.com


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