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So - this site is doing pretty well. We're not making any money yet, just spending it - but we are playing golf in a lot of beautiful places - which is what we wanted to do in the first place...

Speaking of beautiful places (click on any photo on this page for a larger view)... I have a different recollection of our ORIGINS than our business manager (and my sister - Diana). St. Joes Though the events she spoke of indeed took place, I recall the birth of the idea of TWO GUYS WHO GOLF a little differently. It was at night around Easter time, 1999, on a beautiful beach in Negril, Jamaica. Having downed a few too many rum punches, sitting under a palm tree after a fresh fish dinner at a Negril Beach bar (literally on the beach, just steps from the ocean), Dave and I uttered these words - "wouldn't it be great to do this for a living?" (or something to that effect). Through the leaves of the palm trees blowing gently in the tropical trade wind we could here a voice utter "JAH MON!" "COOL AS YOU CON, ITS IRIE!!"

With that we gathered our belongings (a pair of sandals and and a few bottles of Red Stripe) and headed down the beach towards town. Earlier in the day we had played Negril Hills Golf Club (a gem!!) and snorkeled Teeing offfor hours around the caves near Xtabi and Ricks Cafe at the west end of Negril (one of the most beautiful - and other worldly - places on earth). Earlier in the week we had played Wyndham Rose Hall and Half Moon Bay in Montego Bay- where we hope to visit on a promotional tour in April, and toured Tryall Resort (Heaven on Earth).

With the sound of reggae pulsating from one beach bar after another ( I mean it - these bar/cafes are feet from the beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - with food that is so fresh it is indescribable!) we headed down the 7 mile beach towards who knows where. As we came closer to town near the end of the beach ( now I must ask - when there is one beach bar after another playing its favorite reggae sounds as loud as the amps will allow, how is it that you only hear the music from the one bar you are passing at the moment? Oh well...) we noticed an area which genuinely caught our attention ( mine and David's anyway - our wives were oblivious) - an area of beach, fenced in, with nothing but palm trees on it. BunkervilleTHIS IS IT!!!!! BUNKERVILLE!!! David and I quickly got on the same page. We would buy this place and transform it into a golf course. Not your average golf course - a sand trap course!!! We would have an 18 hole sand trap course. The fairways would be sand, the rough would be sand, and of course, the sand would be sand. In fact the only thing that would not be sand would be the greens, and maybe the employees. We would leave the palm trees as they were of course, and design the course around them. Who ever gets to practice their sand game as much or as often as they should? Nobody!! Bunkerv ille #2And this is Jamaica - Negril no less - with 7 miles of this sandy stuff - what better place to have BUNKERVILLE??? A great compliment to MARGUARITAVILLE! We passed a few Jamaicans who were more than willing to sell us the land on the spot. Great location, mon - right next to Miss Browns magic mushroom tea joint. OOPS!! Cool!!! We always remember that the only way Jamaicans make a living is if us tourists (yes we are tourists, no matter how much we hate to admit it) buy something from them. It is the way, so we accept it and get used to it. We resist the temptation though - hey they may not even own the land, and all we have is 300 J (about $9 US) anyway - but we continued to plan (hey - maybe we could give these guys jobs as caddies!).

Jamaican SunsetIn fact we began to talk about building an adjacent bar with drinks, music, food, etc. We toured the land and talked about little else for days. At night when we drank rum and Red Stripe and ate the best food available in the world at "Cheap Bites", our ideas became more clear. On the way home, we began to think about the little details - such as - do you think 5 acres of beach front on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean would cost a lot of money? Do you think mis-hit sand shots would cause problems- (i.e. break someone's skull on the next tee)? Or tee? What tee? Well, needless to say, we put that idea on hold.

What this story has to do with the origin of the TWO GUYS WHO GOLF web site I don't know, for sure. But I know there is something to it. In fact, this seems like the same type of idea - except there is no sand.

Perhaps some day we will build Bunkerville - or maybe it is already built - hidden in this web site. Well, one thing is certain - WE WILL GOLF!!! And hopefully make a difference. Is that not one of the goals everyone should have? To make a difference? It may seem small, but fix those ball marks, replace those divots, be responsible and courteous on the course. Leave it a better place!! RESPECT, MON!!!



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