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Dear Readers,

I have somehow been chosen to be the manager of Two Guys Who Golf. I am also their webmaster.  Along with Marinda Honey, I am their secretary. Oh - and then there is the little matter of being Dave's wife. Very few people know me by my real name, Diana Shulist (nee Honey). (I am actually often greeted in public by a person shaking my hand saying - "I know you - you're Dave's wife" or "you're Mark's sister").  Oh, the burden...

I also love to golf. I am not a fanatic (like two guys I know) but I love those two guys dearly and aside from my desire to be able to hit the ball father than 175 yards, I want nothing more than to see Mark and Dave happy.  If more golf and this website does the trick then so be it!

We've been asked on numerous occasions to explain the reason d'etre for this website so it has befallen me to pass on the information of how "Two Guys Who Golf" came to be...

A year ago (in 1999), when Mark was visiting us in Ontario, he and David took a trip to Calabogie Highlands to play a round of golf.  Since they do their best thinking when their sitting (so where do their ideas come from anyway?), the hour-long drive gave them time to ponder the great questions: how can we golf for a living - but not professionally? What do people need when it comes to golf that they don't already have?  What problems can we solve that they will be grateful for? 

The answer, of course, was another magazine! Not a magazine for pros or about pros but a magazine published for average golfers, dealing with the problems faced by average golfers. Where are good courses located that average golfers can afford?  How should golfers behave on a golf course? What can courses who cater to average golfers do to improve play?

They came home from their round of golf and talked about nothing other than a new golf magazine.  After hours of listening to their ideas, and being what I consider a responsible, practical person, I brought up the other great question in life - how are you going to pay for it?  Needless to say - it was back to the drawing board for the guys until we thought of the fact that there was a whole world available to them on the internet...(duh!)

Thus the idea for the website "Two Guys Who Golf" was born.  The reception by the local newspapers was wonderful, the public response was positive and everyone thought it was a great idea and supported the project.

I'm not sure where all of this will lead.  It is sometimes more than we bargained for  when there is so much regular work to do. There is no pay and it actually costs money to do all of this. But we are hoping to make the site pay for itself by sponsoring courses who wish to receive free promotion in exchange for golf vouchers that we can give away or sell at a discount. Readers love it - they have the opportunity to win free golf.  The courses love it - they get a high-profile promotion. It's a win-win situation.  No shareholders - no high-falutin' corporate b.s. - just a site about average golf, for average golfers with information, promotions and insights.

Mark and Dave are still not golfing for a living - but they play more than they ever did and they're still hoping...! I am encouraging them to post their scores (although, like all average golfers, they have their bad days and don't want to talk about it!). But they are dedicated, average golfers who never give up. I figure, with these two guys who golf - how can we lose?



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