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Update re: Covid-19 epidemic - March 15, 2020

We are happy to refund your rounds - but Visa/Mastercard charges us for processing all transactions and we must recoup those funds. To that end refunds will incur a 10% cancellation fee. We will provide you with a receipt showing the charge that you can use to file a claim with your travel insurance.


Alternately, you can rebook your rounds at a later date for no extra charge.



TwoGuysWhoGolf.com endeavors to do everything possible to ensure your golf rounds meet your satisfaction and we go out of our way to make advance bookings. This service requires our time and money. Visa and MasterCard charge us for putting your order through. Because we incur these charges, we must pass on the cost of our expenses to you if you should cancel your golf rounds. Below is information for penalties charged on refunds.


  • For properties in Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Palm Springs and San Diego, South Carolina, & Texas: 


    • For rounds booked by Two Guys Who Golf - if canceled before February 15, 2020 - there is a 10% penalty
    • For rounds booked by Two Guys Who Golf - if canceled after February 15, 2020 - there is a 20% penalty and the balance is a credit "on account" for future bookings with Two Guys Who Golf.
    • We must be notified and all tee times must be canceled with the course at least 48 hours before the tee time or there will be no refund issued.



  • Physical golf vouchers are non-refundable but because they are transferrable, you can sell them or give them to someone else
  • All rounds booked or purchased through TGWG are valid only through the end of the golfing year in which they were purchased. There are no extensions available on unused rounds.


  • For properties in Michigan, Ontario, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, New Jersey - rounds are all non-refundable.
  • All other refunds for any other purpose will incur a 10% penalty.


We understand that there are circumstances beyond our control that cause us to miss tee times. We will always attempt to work with our customers in recouping these tee times. 


Below are just two examples of a situation where we were unable to provide a refund for a customer:


    1. John (not his real name) and 5 of his friends traveled to Las Vegas and ordered rounds through Two Guys Who Golf at a great discount. The rounds were at a primo course at prime time in the morning and were highly desirable - when the rounds were booked for this group, there were several other groups both at the course and through TGWG who wanted the same tee times. These 6 gentlemen went out the night before their round and had a great time - such a great time, in fact, that they missed their round of golf. Two hours later, John was on the phone with Mark asking for a refund because he was too hung-over to play. 


    2. Ethan (again, not his real name) ordered some tee times at a course in Michigan. His tee time was in June, but he was rained out and unable to play. He contacted TGWG and we told him to contact us with another date and we would reschedule his tee time for him, The year came and went and Ethan never contacted us. The rounds expired at the end of the year. But in the new year, Ethan asked for us to honor the rained out tee time. Not possible. Had he asked us to try to re-sell the rounds for him, we would have tried - and probably succeeded because the rounds were at a place that sold out before the end of June. But because he just "forgot" about it - there is nothing we can do. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly.


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